A more sustainable us!

College Court; as green as our logo suggests

Client expectations are evolving, and therefore it is vital that as a venue we are committed to managing our environmental footprint and ensuring that our operation is sustainable and supports our ethos as being a leading venue.

We are very proud bronze members of Green Tourism who for more than two decades now have changed the relationship between our industry and our most important asset: the planet. Their expertise, support and pragmatic advice has helped us start positive green journeys that are fit for the 21st century.

Raising awareness: Our green display in reception shares tips and hints on how to manage our own footprints, both whilst in work and at home. We also encourage guests to leave suggestions on how everyone can make a difference.

Recycling: 50% of all waste produced by College Court is recycled. We also encourage our partners to recycle and have special agreements in place with suppliers to take back and re-use and recycle their boxes, products and containers.

Cleaning products: We have drastically reduced the amount of harmful chemicals we use and are constantly exploring new products that are eco-friendly.

Paper: Don’t get us wrong as a business we require some paper, but 80% of our operation is now paperless. To do this we have overhauled our business practices including purchasing staff tablets for meetings, our diaries are all digital, we are training staff in OneNote, we keep all documentation digitally and have an extensive shared drive for staff to share content with others across our network rather than printing documents.

Catering: A huge part of our business and a key area for waste management. .Within our catering areas we have purchased additional bins to ensure waste is split and recycled

Our new herb garden to grow our own herbs onsite, the true meaning of local produce!

We have a new compost area which then acts as a fertiliser and reduces waste.

Less packaging – No more single use items such as butter portions, jams, honey, sauces and salt and pepper. These are now all available in kilner jars, glass bottles and shakers.

We offer disposable cups in our coffee lounge which are biodegradable and recyclable. Throughout the year we offer take away bags for our used coffee beans to be taken home and used as compost.

Our food waste is turned into bio-gas and bio-fuel for our farming industry.

Our personal favourite is our root to tip initiative. We want to use the WHOLE of the food not just part of it!

Low energy: We are committed to using low energy lighting and have strict policies for managing the lights we use. For example our public areas have smart lighting, ensuring the sensor is triggered when guests are present.

Energy usage: We want to ensure that we are consistently lowering the energy we use. We do this by managing our buildings. If we have a quiet night in our bedrooms we segregate bedrooms and reduce the heating and water to save using energy on empty spaces.

Toiletries: We have stopped the use of single plastic containers. Hotels get through miniatures in their millions and in order to be kinder to our environment we have now removed these from our business and replaced with pump dispensers.

Donating waste:  There are sometimes things that we need to change, upgrade or that are out of date however we always try to find a solution. For example last year we upgraded our duvets and donated all the used ones to a homeless charity in the city ensuring some warmth for those who need it most.

The birds and the bees: We are implementing additional bird feeders and water baths across the venue. Located in landscaped gardens we regularly admire the wildlife surrounding us. We are shortly having two bee hives located within our gardens… fresh honey with your breakfast anyone?

As a venue we have already made headway on our sustainability journey. It isn’t stopping there. We consistently look to implement new steps that will allow event organisers the opportunity to measure the impact of their events and reduce the amount of waste, energy and carbon emissions. Most importantly we realise the importance of ‘doing our bit’ and looking after the most important element of all… our planet.

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