Motivate Your Team

10 Easy Ways To Motivate Your Team

Showing that you care about your employees can have a dramatic impact on what you get back from your team. Keeping an eye on goals, happiness and achievements while finding innovative ways of supporting and rewarding your team can have a profound effect on employee contentment.

Investing In Development

Employees want to know they can grow and do so in the role they are in. Building an environment based on personal and professional growth, where your staff can regularly build on their knowledge and technical understanding is key. Having growth plans, goals and offering learning experiences can make your employees feel that their ambitions are being nurtured.

Trust and Communication

Being supportive applies not only to an employee’s development but to all areas of their working life. Try and set aside time each week or month for your staff to give feedback not only professionally but on how the business is treating them and improvements that can be made in communication. Simply asking staff what they want or need to perform at their best can maintain trust and keep employees striving for that common goal.

Get Out of The Office

An offsite meeting can break up the day to day norm and motivate your team. Away from their regular stresses and strains, a change of working environment can bring a change of mindset and a chance for employees to show skills you may not have seen before. It could unlock ideas you have been waiting for and bring a higher energy and work rate than normal. If you have an office environment with low ceilings, light or a lack of windows, an offsite conference room can be especially useful. It can bring a freshness that helps with team motivation.

Encourage Innovation and Hard Work

Praising employees for big ideas or extra dedication can score you major points with them. Everybody likes to feel appreciated, but only when it is warranted. If a person goes out of their way to help someone else within the team or comes up with an idea that makes you thousands in one hit - make sure that they know that you recognise them for it. If this is not a regular pattern in their work, then it can make them more motivated to ensure it becomes so. If it is a fixture of their performance they will see the praise as an opportunity to build and climb the ladder.

Celebrate together

A great way of motivating your team is to celebrate company achievements with them. When the company meets goals or milestone moments, show your team that you value their input and that they were an important part of the process. An awards night or celebratory event, however large or small can be great for working relationships.

Giving Responsibility

Feeling important to a team is one of the biggest motivations to an employee. Allowing further responsibility is a show of recognition and trust. The more a person is trusted the more they will repay it. Further responsibility breeds a higher work ethic and makes your staff accountable for what they are doing and the success or failure of their work. Having more influence within a company will allow staff to flourish with a sense of duty and rejuvenated energy for representing your brand. Allow them to make mistakes and they will make less, stifle them and they may well make more.

Team Building

Corporate team building activities are a great opportunity to improve employee engagement and represent one of the best ways to motivate your team.

Taking your team out of the office and working together for a positive outcome can have as much of an impact on business as it can on the motivation within your team. Team building days are a chance to inspire staff and build relationships within your group. Whether you want an event to allow your staff the opportunity to contribute to business visions and strategies or work together to encourage interaction and discussion - team building events offer various opportunities and fun ways to motivate your team.

Social and Corporate Events

Social activities and corporate activities are great ideas to motivate your team and keep employees engaged. While team building is a great all-rounder, sometimes there is a need for something a little more relaxing to loosen your team. After a tough quarter or end of the year, a social or corporate party or activity will be majorly appreciated by your team. It will allow employees a chance to get to know each other better outside of work and be more at ease within the company. It is also a great chance to show off your company ethos and ease in new employees.

Empower and Incentivise

Motivational pep talks can give your team a lease of life and improve performance. Choosing the right person to talk to your team, ensuring relevance, professionalism and inspiration can be tough. A famous speaker should have had experiences that are unfamiliar to your team but relatable and inspiring, a life coach or industry expert should be able to offer something that your team are unaware or uninformed on, and deliver it in a fresh and exciting manner. Money and freebies act as further incentives for your team. Offering performance-based bonuses, event tickets or prizes can be a great motivator and productivity booster.

Set an Example

Good moods and positive mindsets are infectious and can work to motivate your team. Smiles and a culture of communication can ensure your team are happy and subsequently in the best place to be firing on all cylinders. An event or corporate party can be a great way to instil a philosophy, whatever it is, as it is easier and more time effective to influence a group when they are together. When implementing a business strategy or ethos your team will respect and admire you more if you share it with them.

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